Proofreading, Beta Reading and Editing





Proofreading prices are calculated based on word count – the average 12 point font, double spaced page with one inch margins all around will have 250 words on it.

Proofreading prices are:

$3 per page, or $12 per 1000 words

For project that have 50K words and over, the price drops to $10 per 1000 words.

Please be ready with the word count of your project when emailing. Thank you.



Beta Reading


Beta reading is also word count dependent.

$0.001 per word

Other editing services are available.




Content Editing


Content editing is focused on the chapters or main segments of the piece, and how they flow together.  Anything that was left out that needs to be included is noted and suggestions for possible content for these areas are given.

Structure and continuity are examined, and repetition or other major errors with the organization of the piece are noted. Ideas for potential corrections are given in an emailed report when the edit is completed.

Content editing is the most intensive and the prices reflect that since content editing usually includes some level of additional creation of content in addition to, and in conjunction with the editing done.

When the content editing is completed, the piece should be ready to send to a copy editor.

Content editing takes into account who your ideal audience is as well as what you want the particular piece to achieve.

Priced at $8 per 250 words, or $32 per 1000.

At 50K words or more, it drops to $30/1000.




Copy Editing


Copy editing focuses on improving style, format and accuracy, and is more involved than proofreading.

If your piece needs to be done according to a specific style guide, this is the part of the process that ensures every word adheres to whichever style guide you are using.

It also ensures the piece moves gracefully from one thought to the next idea, and reworks any confusing portions.

Sentence structure, grammar and the author’s tone are all taken into consideration in order to present a consistent, correct final copy that is ready to be handed to the proofreader.

Priced at $4 per page or 250 words, or $16 per 1000.

At 50K words or more, price drops to $12 per 1000.