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Until I started working as a freelance writer a number of years ago, I hadn’t realized how important freelance writers actually are in this day and age.



So much of the content that is online and in print is created and distributed with the purpose of creating income. Content is essentially an investment.



Because content is so important in regards to revenue generation, those who need content for any reason should trust that investment to none other than a seasoned professional freelance writer.



A pro will be able to hear your idea, understand what it is you’d like to accomplish, look at your brand and figure out the exact way you want to reach your customers, and wrap it all up into a neat package, delivered in whatever form you requested.



Content today is too important to trust to someone who doesn’t have a complete understanding of what they’re doing, and your bottom line is too important to use a writer who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.



That’s why it’s so important to pick an experienced and expert content writer who is capable of delivering exactly what you want.



My expertise comes from both traditional education and real world experience.



I earned my BA in Business Administration as well as my BS in Psychology, then finished my schooling by earning my MS in Psychology before going on to start my own businesses, first in the equestrian’s hunter/jumper industry, and later focusing on writing  and publishing.



My contract doesn’t specify the number of revisions I’ll do for you because I honestly believe that you should be able to send a piece back to me until it’s exactly what you want.



My freelance writing services include:


  • The original project


  • As many edits and revisions as you need to get it to where you think it’s perfect


  • Any research that will need to be done for a project will be determined at the time of the receipt of the original project proposal email sent to me, and when I send back my contract and estimated rate for the project, I will also include whether or not any research will need to be done, and what the rate for that will be


  • If you need to have your project done in a specific style guide, just let me know. The fee for style guide addition is just $25 per project


  • If you require a bibliography or works cited page, let me know in your original project proposal email, and the number of sources that you need will determine the fee – generally I charge $15 per source.


Writing Services for Businesses                   starting at $2.00 per word

Annual Reports

Business Letters

Case Studies

Marketing Plans


Website Content

White Papers



Writing Services for Job Seekers                  starting at $1.50 per word

Business Plans

Resume Writing

Cover Letters



Ghost Writing Services                                  starting at $1.25 per word


Blog Posts

E books



Technical Writing Services                          starting at $2.00 per word

Employee Manuals

Instruction Manuals




Copywriting Services                                    starting at $1.50 per word

Online Advertisements

Press Releases

Product Descriptions

SEO Content

Social Media Content



Content Writing Services                          starting at $1.50 per word


Blog Posts


Website Content or Rewriting



Academic Writing Services                         starting at $1.00 per word

Adherence to Style Guides (MLA, APA, etc.)

College Application Essays


Literary Analysis

Research Papers

Researching Sources for Papers and Works Cited Pages



Other Writing Services                            starting at $1.00 per word

Book Reviews

Book Summaries

Grant Writing – Proposals for Funding for Non-Profits

Profile Writing – For Dating Profiles, etc.

Research of any type – For Email Lists or Potential Customers


rush rates are an extra +15%; extreme rush rates are +20%