Services Offered




Proofreading prices are calculated based on word count – the average 12 point font, double spaced page with one inch margins all around will have 250 words on it.


Proofreading prices start at:


$1 per page with an average of 250 words, or $4 per 1000 words



Please be ready with the word count of your project when emailing. Thank you.






Whether you’re conducting researching for a new book, for an academic purpose, or for an article or blog post, we can take the stress of researching away from you and allow you to focus on the writing part of the job. We offer researching for any sort of project, in any capacity, and you chose how you’d like the finished results. We can email you a bulleted list of notes, categorized in the order you’d like to write about them, or we can send you a summary of the sources you requested in paragraph form. We’re happy to help you complete your research however you’d like it.


Researching rates are determined on a case by case basis. Please email for more information.






I am happy to consider almost any ghostwriting project you can think up!


Ghostwriting Services Include:


* Your specific project, and the rights to that specific project, unless otherwise noted


* As many edits and revisions as you desire to get the piece exactly to your liking


* Any research that will need to be done for a project will be determined at the time of the project proposal and will be specified with a rate before you are sent the contract.


*If at any time, there is an occasion wherein the price of something needs to be adjusted, I will let you know as soon as that has been determined as opposed to it showing up on your PayPal invoice with no explanation.


* Any style guides that your project must adhere to should be specified at the outset and crafting your project based on specific guidelines is no extra charge



Ghostwriting fees start at $10.00 per page.


* Works Cited pages and Bibliographies are available for an additional $25.




Business Writing


Business writing is a broad category, and while I am qualified to tackle most business writing projects, having earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Business Plans, Case Studies, Reports and Proposals, White Papers and Long Form Blog Posts are my specialties.


I tend to do well with longer projects, the type that are more involved, perhaps require some research, or speaking to a customer and asking questions that allow your product or service to shine, and I am always happy to provide samples of any type of writing that you need, since I can usually guarantee that I’ve done something similar!



Business Writing fees start at $12.00 per page of 250 words.


Business plans start at $500.




* First time clients get a 10% discount as a welcome gift!


*If you refer someone to Four Write Socks, make sure I know about  it! You’ll receive 15% off your next order as a thank you!


*Clients who are on their 10th, 20th, and so on, order receive a 25% discount for being consistent customers!