Case Studies


What is a case study?


A case study is essentially a customer success story.

Case studies are a fantastic way to showcase both your brand and your brands’ products/services by making them a part of a story starring a client who has had a great experience with your company.

The basic outline of a case study is very much like that of a story – the main character (your client) has a problem or challenge. Your client goes on a quest to find a solution to their problem, and end up arriving at your product.

Because the case study is focusing mainly on your client as opposed to your brand, its the most trust-inspiring form of content that a brand can use.

By relinquishing the main spotlight to your client, you end up gaining trust and credibility from your potential buyers.

Case studies are an integral part of any extremely successful content marketing strategy, and a well-written case study has the potential to bring a huge amount of benefits to your campaign.



What are the benefits of adding case studies to my content marketing plan?


  • Case studies are versatile – While they are generally used during the consideration and decision stages of the buyer’s journey they can be used at any stage.


  •  Case studies are recyclable – They can be reformatted into testimonials, blog posts, articles, or other types of content or micro content to use in your content marketing campaign.


  • Case studies are a good investment – Generally, case studies only need to be updated when you find a new buyer persona, launch a new project, or expand to a new industry, Without the need to be constantly updated, a good case study can be used for as long as you need it.


  • Case studies inspire trust and credibility There is nothing that will inspire trust more than a peer’s review of a product. Case studies are the best sort of peer review, and have the added benefit of proving your brand’s credibility by having concrete examples of how your solution was successful with a varied group of buyers.


How many case studies should my company have?


While there is a great deal of benefit to be had from having an arsenal of case studies to use for trade shows, your sales team, or simply to have available on your website for your prospects, getting to the point where you have a library of case studies takes time.

A good rule to follow is that for each buyer persona you have created for each industry that you serve, there should be at least one case study.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to start with your most common buyer personas in your most popular industry, and then to branch out from there.


What is the process of having a case study created for my brand?


  • Once you have emailed us indicating interest, you will receive a detailed quote and a copy of our contract


  • Once you have sent that back and we have received the 50% deposit, we will ask to be put in touch with a product specialist, or whomever can give us the most information about the solution that you would like the project to feature


  • Meanwhile, you would be identifying and reaching out to a client that perhaps has given you a five star review, or has been a brand ambassador for your company. These types of clients are the best ones to approach for case study participation, as you know up front that they have had a great experience with your brand.


(If you happen to need it, we have a great email template that you can use to contact your client about starring in a case study.)


  •  At this point, our head case study writer, Alexa, will email you a list of questions that she will use to interview your client. You may modify or add to them as you like.


  • Once the questions have been approved, Alexa will get in touch with your client to schedule a time for the interview. She is very flexible regarding when the interviews are scheduled as well as how the client is most comfortable answering the questions – our number one priority at this stage is your client’s schedule and comfort.


  • After the interview has been completed, Alexa will create a draft of the case study, and then send it to both yourself and the client. You will both be able to make suggestions for edits.


  • It is at this point that we request the balance of the quote to be sent via PayPal – also at this time, Ryleigh our proofreader is going over the case study with a fine tooth comb, making sure it is absolutely perfect.


  • Upon receipt, the final draft of the case study will be released to you via email, in the format of a Google Document. It is then ready to be sent to your design team.


(If you would prefer, we are happy to take on the design work for you, at an additional cost. For more information on that option, please contact us.)


Any additional changes or edits can be done at no additional cost.


Ask us about our ghostwritten case studies – a bit more complicated, but have recently become extremely popular!


And the cost of a case study?


Case studies start at $999.

Design work is an additional charge.

If you would like to order a large number of case studies, there is a significant discount.








Proofreading prices are calculated based on word count – the average 12 point font, double spaced page with one inch margins all around will have 250 words on it.


Proofreading prices start at:


$1 per page with an average of 250 words, or $4 per 1000 words


Please be ready with the word count of your project when emailing. Thank you!







We are happy to consider almost any ghostwriting project you can think up!


Ghostwriting Services Include:


* Your specific project, and the rights to that specific project, unless otherwise noted


* As many edits and revisions as you desire to get the piece exactly to your liking


* Any research that will need to be done for a project will be determined at the time of the project proposal and will be specified with a rate before you are sent the contract.


*If at any time, there is an occasion wherein the price of something needs to be adjusted, we will let you know as soon as that has been determined as opposed to it showing up on your PayPal invoice with no explanation.


* Any style guides that your project must adhere to should be specified at the outset and crafting your project based on specific guidelines is no extra charge


Ghostwriting fees start at $10.00 per page.


* Works Cited pages and Bibliographies are available for an additional $25.












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